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Qu’Appelle Global Development Team

Alexandra Stratulat is the Programs Facilitator at the Mendel Art Gallery and Project Manager of this web site. In addition to overseeing the organization of the entire web site, she also researched and authored the Stories from the San and Youth from the Valley sections. She also flowcharted, timelined, interviewed, fretted, and bit her fingernails.

Dan Ring is Associate Curator at the Mendel Art Gallery. His obsession with memory led him into (and hopefully out of) the labyrinth of the Qu’Appelle and inspired him to conceive the exhibition Qu’Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys. Dan contributed to many parts of the web site, including Land and Landscape.

Noreen Neu, Head of Public and Professional Programs at the Mendel Art Gallery, is responsible for all public interactive programs at the Gallery. She participated on the web site global development team and worked specifically on the Youth from the Valley and Stories from the San sections of the project.

Natalie Kallio is responsible for the communications department at the Mendel Art Gallery. Editor, organizer, and media queen, she was responsible for quality control and letting the World Wide Web know about our site.

Tammi Campbell is a project researcher at the Mendel Art Gallery. She was responsible for organizing the Stories from the San submissions, as well as researching and writing the Qu’Appelle Timeline and Fact Sheet. Her web mastery and organizational skills were a huge asset to this web site.


Qu’Appelle Technical Contributors

Michael Zajac: information design, production and webmaster. [ext]

Small Medium Large Design: graphic design. Newmedia Design provides cutting edge design and technology in CD/DVD authoring, Web, Animation/Video and Digital Imaging. Clients include the Saskatoon Public Library, Blackflash Magazine and PAVED collective. Next-Illusion created the opening video for this web site and constructed the Virtual Reality of the Mendel Art Gallery. [ext]

Jeannette Lavigne, educator, writer and translator, lives on an acreage outside of Saskatoon near the South Saskatchewan River. Translator of text from English to French. Native de la Saskatchewan, éducatrice, écrivaine et traductrice, elle habite à l’extérieur de Saskatoon près de la rivière Saskatchewan. Traductrice du texte anglais au français.

Lynda Catherine Surjik collaborated with Jenn Hamilton on Youth from the Valley, videography of Beatrice Lavalee.

The Soil Digital Media Suite is a production and research facility—organized to respond to the needs of Regina’s professional arts community—exploring the potential between art and technology, art and science and the impact of new technology on the Fine Arts. Formed as a long term project at Neutral Ground artists run centre, Soil functions as a process based collective in partnership with other centres and institutions locally and elsewhere in Canada. [ext]


Qu’Appelle Content Contributors

Jen Hamilton works as an independent artist in Regina, Saskatchewan having moved there in 1997 to take a two year position as artist in Residence and professor in Intermedia at the University of Regina. As concept developer for the Youth from the Valley: Ground Grazing web site project, Jen worked with seven teenagers from the Bert Fox Composite High School in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Blair Stonechild created the sections on the First Nations in the Qu’Appelle Valley. Blair is a Professor of Indian Studies at the Saskatchewan Federated College in Regina and archivist for the Treaty Four Archives and Keeping House at Fort Qu’Appelle.

Robert Stacey is the co-curator of the exhibition Qu’Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys. He is a well respected Canadian historical curator and writer. Robert provided three essays for the web site in the Tales of Two Valleys: Land and Landscape section.

David Carpenter is a well-known Saskatchewan writer and storyteller. David contributed to the web site by telling tales of the writers colony and the Fort San ghosts, as well as reading from his book Jokes from the Apocalypse.

Bob Boyer is a nationally recognised Metis artist with works in many public and private collections across Canada, including the National Art Gallery of Canada. Boyer ha also been included in numerous international exhibitions including Mito y Magia en America: Los Ochento at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico, 1991, and Indian Summer at the National Museum of Art and History in Brussels, Belgium. You can find his contribution in the Tales of Two Valleys: Spirits of Qu’Appelle section.

Landon Mackenzie is a well known Vancouver-based artist whose work is featured in the exhibition Qu’Appelle: Tales of Two valleys. She enriched our web site by recounting her first visit to the Valley and how it inspired a series of paintings.

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