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Echo Valley: Who’s Calling?


Because of its significance as a an important heritage site in Canada, Fort San—Saskatchewan’s last standing tuberculosis sanatorium—remains open for future generations to visit. It now operates as the Echo Valley Conference Centre.


Photo Album 3

Donna Gash
“We heard heels clicking down the marble hallway and flipped our makeshift card table . . . and grabbed our school books to appear studious angelic students.”

Lessons with Donald MacLeod
“He often stated that the only recompense he would take for the lessons, is that I teach others what I had learned, to the best of my ability.”

Echo Valley
Gus Vanderpolder and Lori Herndier run the Echo Valley Conference Centre.


After twenty years of accommodating the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, Fort San was in need of repair. In 1990, the Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation took over management of the old sanatorium—and gave it a much needed renovation.

In 1992, in partnership with the Department of National Defense, Fort San became the summer home for sea cadets in training. During the rest of the year, the Echo Valley Conference Centre provides a warm residential experience for many government departments, unions, private businesses, and special interest groups. The centre is also open for individuals who wish to take in the beauty of the valley while staying at an important heritage site.

Many people make the pilgrimage back to Fort San to relive, and at times, confront the life changing experience they had there. Thanks to the commitment of many individuals and governmental support, Fort San stands as an important reminder of innovation in health and arts and remains a vital site for the people of Saskatchewan.

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