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From the San

A Spot So Endearing


There is a very beautiful spot
Where upon a sloping hill
Creeps the verdure of nature
Made by God’s own sweet will.


Above the beautiful lake
Full many fathoms deep,
From countless arch of sky
Myriads of bright stars peep.


The fairy moon shines from above
Upon is down below
Upon the lake, the fields, the trees
It casts its silvery glow.


Now, where is this spot so endearing
That God has given to man?
Without a mistake, I’m proud to say
This place is called “Fort San”.


Composed in December 1936 by Alice Bauer,
A nurse-in-training at the Regina Grey Nuns’
Hospital, who spent five months at Fort San
While taking treatment for pleurisy.

Alice Leier photo

Photo of Alice as a nurse-in-training in March, 1934. Courtesy of Alice Leier

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