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Treaty No. 4 Monument at Fort Qu’Appelle

1874: Treaty Four

Fort Qu’Appelle was the site of the Treaty Four negotiations of 1874 with the Cree, Saulteaux, and Assiniboine nations of the area.

With the signing of Treaty Four, the region’s Aboriginal peoples officially relinquished their claims to millions of acres of land.

Thirteen Chiefs signed the original treaty; all but two were Cree. Over the next three years several more chiefs signed (Xs served as signatures) Treaty Four.

Today the treaty includes thirty-five First Nation’s groups, twenty-eight of them in Saskatchewan and the remainder in Manitoba.

Unknown Photographer
Treaty No. 4 Monument at Fort Qu’Appelle
Modern print
27.9 x 35.5
Courtesy of Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina SK. RB-5370

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