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Fort Qu’Appelle, N.W.T. (from a photograph) 1885

1885: North-West Resistance

During the 1885 uprising in the NW Territories, The Ninetieth Battalion of the Canadian Artillery Regiment—lead by General Middleton—received a crash course in combat before dispatching from Fort Qu’Appelle to the uprising at Batoche.

Unknown Artist
Fort Qu’Appelle, N.W.T. (from a photograph)
Lithograph on paper, April 11, 1885
In the “Illustrated War News.” Vol. 1, No. 2, Saturday, April 11, 1885, page 12, folio 11, top image. Publisher
Grip Printing & Publishing Co. Toronto
12.3 x 25.5 image, page 45.0 x 29.0
National Archives of Canada/Archives nationals du Canada. Acc. no.: 1997-476-152; neg. no.: C-087715 (top image)

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